CubeHall introduces three tools to promote products and earn money


We’ve launched CubeHall with several features to keep shopping interactive and inspirational. ‘Story’ is one of the tools we were developing from an early stage.

Anyone at any time can find and get inspired to shop. That’s why every content on CubeHall is everlasting unless deleted by the creator. you’ll keep on reaching new people everytime.


Forget about likes, vanity metrics, aimless scrolls, and selfies. Show it, sell it, and earn; as simple as that. We’re making the ways to monetize your content more transparent and simple.

You can tag any product you own to recommend to your audience. Your ShowOff posts will be seen on the home page and will be attached to the products themselves. So you earn a commission when people click through and shop. If you don’t own products yet, you can share products using associate links. Also, we’re working on bringing an ambassador program to partner you with brands and other creators so you can post without purchasing products.

Associate Link

The CubeHall Associates program allows anyone with an audience to make money by promoting products on CubeHall.

Finding the right audience is always a hassle. And targeted ads on other platforms do not guarantee a sale or are expensive. That’s why instead of AI deciding who should see your ads, we bring you an old-school referral link to an associate program. Anyone with an audience can start helping to sell products on CubeHall without any type of application